Emerging Trends in Mechanical Engineering

Your Passion for mechanics throughout the course and on completion magnetizes you to explore and contribute to the emerging trends of mechanical engineering. Novel use of mechanics has interestingly opened many opportunities. Hundreds of ongoing minor and major developments create trends.

Emerging Trends in Mechanical Engineering


Automotive engineering an inseparable part of automobile industry and vehicle engineering integrates skill of designing with current trends of market helping to introduce newer models. The growth of automobile for Q3 of financial year 2019 also witnessed the decline in consumer demand for auto products except for the two wheelers and the large commercial vehicles that kept the sector moving. The Electric Vehicles being the greatest change the market and automobile industry is about to experience that calls for ME’s participation.

4D Printing Technology/ Addictive Manufacturing

4D printing is an emerging technology and transformation of 3D-prints. The expansion of this field is the future that depends on its development and materials that are unique by being programmable. Each component created using this technology involves material choice, design skills, and structure analysis. The 4D printers create an auto-assembling 4D structures that add speed and efficiency to manufacturing. CAD program used in designing 3D structures that have ability to transform the design my embedding a program directly with in the materials used. These objects structured, with high volume and nano-scale self-assembly enhances the ability to produce the minute parts with precision. Parts created can incorporate the sensing, computing, locomotion mechanism to improve the quality. Prediction on use of 4D is in expansion and contraction of water pipes allowing the construction in extreme weather conditions. This nano technology is faster hence, variations in the product are possible e.g. prosthetic hands and legs in varied sizes.


Researchers of Mechanical Engineering are working on nanotechnology and robotics. The mechanical robotics engineer are part of new inventions in robotics systems, checking and analyzing the controllable nanoelectro-mechanical and nano-robotic devices, designing and drafting using CAD software to meet the specifications for robotics system manufacturing. Knowledge of electrical can help in this field along with the mechanical expertise. The reliability of robotics is leading to demand generation and use in production of materials, devices and testing. The level of control introduced by robotics is cause and basis of extensive use of robotics in near future.


Material science and applied mechanics both are important in design and development relating to the aerospace.
Mechanical engineers know how the materials, characteristics, and product endurance affect the design. Mechanical engineers are part of process of designing, manufacturing, and testing of machines. The operational efficiency, safety, and standards of the product are crucial. The new technological advancements have increased scope in creation, developing prototype, change the design as per requirement, research, and testing mechanical devices to analyze the results.

Apart from the above, working in Chemical, FMCG, Construction, Defence, Electronics, Marine, Medical, Metals, Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum, Power, Rail may interest you.

Conclusion: Therefore, the emerging trends in Mechanical Engineering go hand-in-hand with other streams of engineering making these solutions intelligently innovative with exceptional technicalities and life changing development influencing society and industry.

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