Code Of Conduct


  1. College functions from 9:10 A.M to 4:50 P.M. every day.
  2. Every Student should attend the classes regularly and should maintain an attendance of not less than 75% in every Semester to get eligible for External Examinations. Students who stood attendance less than 65% will be detained at the end of the Semester as per the norms of JNTUA.
  3. Student should wear Identity Card compulsorily during class work and Examinations.
  4. College Main gate will be closed everyday by 10 A.M. sharp. No Student is allowed into the College premises after 10 A.M.
  5. Student should take permission from Departmental HOD and Principal / Director in writing to leave the College during College working hours due to their personal works. .
  6. Students should be aware about Seminars / Conferences / Symposiums/ Guest Lectures or any other events that are planned by the College / Department from time to time and should participate in all the activities to improve their personal profile.
  7. Students should read the rules and regulations of JNTUA which are printed in the respective Syllabus books and should follow accordingly.
  8. Every student must abide by the rules and regulations of the college.
  9. Ragging is totally prohibited in the College and if found severe action will be initiated by the College on the involved students as per the law and Anti-Ragging act. However Anti-ragging committee is formed for 2015-16 and students can approach the committee in case of any difficulty faced by them.
  10. Students are to wear formal dress in the College. However, wearing T-Shirts/ Jeans are not allowed.
  11. Students should not involve in any unwanted issues in the College and should behave politely throughout their stay in the College.
  12. Students shall visit our College website for all updates and day to day programs.
  13. Remedial classes will be arranged for all the weaker students at the end of every semester and hence students can utilize this opportunity.
  14. The absence of the student to any class on any day will be intimated to the parents in the form of SMS from the College office.
  15. Students can check the College and departmental notice boards periodically to know information pertaining to academics, examinations and administration circulars.