5 productive things to do in lock down due to Covid-19 Pandemic

The Corona virus originating in Wuhan, China has led to the lockdown of many countries. While many are working from home and attending online lectures, many students are waiting for the exams that got stalled due to the pandemic. This quarantine has given many of us a lot of time in our hands to utilise and be productive. It is a time that we never thought we would have. This free time has opened up new avenues and it makes sense to be productive and meaningful.

Here are the five productive things to do in a lockdown –

Sign up for a free or certification course –

Technological innovations have made distance learning easier and enticing. Enrolling in a course and triumphantly passing it will not only help you develop a vivid knowledge but will also boost your CV. Various foreign and Indian universities are offering a wide range of lucrative courses and some are even free. Complete courses as per your interest, get certified and boost your career growth.

Try honing a new skill –

Combine your online course certificates with learning a new skill. From learning new rules for Chess to playing an instrument or knowing interesting facts – anything that adds up to your knowledge list could be helpful towards adding a new skill in your life.

Improve your puzzle-solving skills –

While you are at home, solving a puzzle can be a great way to sharpen your mind work. Puzzle-solving not only increases your IQ but also improves memory, problem-solving skills and time management abilities. Try your hands at various puzzle games like jigsaw, sudoku, crosswords and others available on App Store/Play Store for minimum 30 minutes a day. With this, not only your brain will get sharper but your mind will also stay more relaxed.

Initiate a DIY project –

DIY or do it yourself things are extremely interesting as they help your minds to be innovative and involves zero money. Try making a DIY garden or accessories to give your house a stunning makeover. There are many DIY-related online courses, which will help you to improve your creative skills and get involved in projects that you have never thought of.

Enhance your memorising skills –

While you have a lot of time to spare for yourself, why not do something interesting and keep your memories on point. Try learning 5 words regularly from the dictionary, or interesting facts about the world and even memorising the periodic table. Then the next day, revise what you have learnt the previous day and add few more to the list and keep repeating. There’s always a lot to learn and memorise!

This lockdown has allowed many to learn new languages, write journals, watch new shows, spend time with the family and become a lot more productive. Use this time wisely!

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