The Central library has an extensive collection of books and is augmented on a continuous basis. The library subscribes to popular periodicals, national and international journals. The library is also having Educational Audio & Video Cassettes, CD ROMs, Back Volumes, Project Reports, Thesis reports etc. The library and reading room shall be open from 9.00 AM to 6 PM on all working days.

The Central Library has good reference collection and provides reference service to the members using these reference resources. Reference Books will not be issued from the reference section. Photo copying facility is available for books and Question Papers.

Total Library Software System (TLSS) is full-featured Library software. It is windows-based licensed software. Modules of the system include: Library Guidelines, Acquisition, Accession, Circulation, Members, Staff, Stock, OPAC and Reports. TLSS is fully-automated software and is implemented partially in the campus.

The library has taken initiative to enrich with e-resources like e-books, e-journals, e-articles (both hard and soft copy-CD) related to subject and curriculum of the Institute which provides support to teachers and students. Books for Competitive Exams like GRE/TOEFL/GATE, Britannica encyclopedia, Dictionary, e-books, and Project Reports are housed.


Details of the Library Books & Journals requirements as per the latest AICTE norms:

S. No. Courses No. of Titles No. of  Volumes National Journals International


1 B.Tech –  CSE 673 4278 09 2 Yes
2 B.Tech — CIC   55   432 07 2 Yes
3 B.Tech — AI&DS   61   511 06 2 Yes
4 B.Tech – AI&ML   77   657 06 1 Yes
5 B.Tech – ECE 561 3520 17 2 Yes
6 B.Tech – EEE 514 3459 04 2 Yes
7 B.Tech – Civil 532 3079 10 2 Yes
8 B.Tech – ME 549 2860 10 2 Yes
9 H & S 475 2080
1 M.Tech – CSE 116 466 9 2 Yes
2 M.Tech – DECS 209 801 10 4 Yes
3 M.Tech – PS 121 483 9 4 Yes
4 M.Tech – SE 78 428 9 2 Yes
5 M.Tech – PE&ED 65 267 9 2 Yes
  TOTAL 4086  23321 115 29
1 SC  Book Bank 80    1318
1 MBA 1&2   745    3569 16 4 Yes
GRAND TOTAL 4911  28208 131 33 164


  • It is a part of the Central Library with Intranet with Internet access of 115 MbPs Shared.
  • Library Software Available : TLSS (Total Library Software System)
  • Member of JNTUA Consortium of Institutions of Library Resources
  • E-Journals Publications:  J-Gate, Taylor & Francis, DELNET
  • E-Books : EBSCO (E-Books Engineering Core)
  • Video Lectures delivered by eminent professors from different IITs are downloaded from the website: http://nptel.iitm.ac.in (NPTEL – NATIONAL PROGRAMME ON TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED LEARNING) and made available in the Digital Library.
  • It has 20 Computer terminals to access Internet / e-Learning resources.
  • The Digital Library holding 150 general educational CDs of Engineering Subjects.
  • JNTUA Question Papers: B.Tech, M.Tech & MBA (R05, R07, R09, R13, R15, AK19, AK20)
  • JNTUA Syllabus : B.Tech, M.Tech & MBA ( R07, R09, R13, R15,R17, AK19 & AK20)

The computer labs are fully air-conditioned and the students are privileged to have unlimited access round the clock. The laboratories are equipped with structured fibre optic and UTP cabling network and other relevant software. We have state-of-the-art computer laboratories with 730 computers (DELL, LENOVA & WIPRO make), 2 servers, and 50 printers with a dedicated network. The Overall ratio of computers to students is more than the number recommended.

The Computer laboratories are being upgraded from time to time to provide the best computational infrastructure.

The Computer Centre houses powerful servers which provide computational environment comprising of multiple operating systems – Microsoft Windows, Linux & UNIX can be accessed from any of the nodes attached to the servers across the campus.

Hardware Facility at Computer Centre

Windows Server:
Wipro NetPower Intel Xeon Processor @ 2.8 GHz
HP Colour Laser Printers
TVSE Dot Matrix Printers
HP Scanners
Hitachi DLP Projectors

Internet Facility lab:
This lab is operated with 230 desktop computers. This is central facility and is available for students and staff members of the college. Internet facility is available through broadband 100 Mbps. This provides single hop access to internet gateway.

Documentation Facility:
The Computer Centre also houses the Printers, Scanners etc for the purposes of documentation, printing, scanning and backup.

Software Facility at the Computer Centre:
Microsoft Academic Alliance Software (MSDN)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
WINDOWS Advanced Server
IBM Rational Rose UML 60 user Software
Oracle 11 G 60 user Database Software
Macromedia Flash
Visual Studio
C, C++, Cobol, Java Language Compliers
MS Office Project Professional 2003
MS Office Visio Professional 2003
Visual Studio .NET Professional
Visual Studio 6.0 Professional

Norton Semantic Endpoint Protection Anti Virus
ANSYS Academic Teaching Introductory V12.x (Ansys Multi physics, Fluent Full capability solver, Ansys
Full capability solver, Ansys Autodyn, Ansys Workbench, Ansys Meshing tools

MATLAB 60 Users
(Control Systems Toolbox, Signal Processing Toolbox, DSP Systems Toolbox, Communication Systems Toolbox, SIMULINK, Simpower Systems, Neural Networks)

Power Backup at Computer Center:
Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) – 160 KVA with 60 mts backup 200 KVA Diesel Green Generator Set

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is an Indian government-sponsored public service program conducted by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India. Popularly known as NSS, the scheme was launched in Gandhiji’s Centenary year, 1969.

NSS Unit was sanctioned to our college during the academic year 2015-16 with 100 students as volunteers. Number of Activities had been taken up by the NSS unit to make Adopted Village and Campus – Clean and Green. Many programs are taken up to give awareness on different social issues like cleanliness, open Defecation, Child Literacy, Digital Literacy, Traffic Rules, etc. Trees/Saplings plantation activities conducted are also part of NSS. Happiness, Yoga and Personality Programmes are conducted to students and staff regularly. Blood Donation Camps are organized regularly and students also donate blood to nearby hospitals whenever there is an emergency/need.

Our Vision:

To Provide Training on Latest technologies to the students beyond the academics.

Our Mission:

To skill all the students within 3 years to meet skilled human power demands of all missions and shape AP as the skilled-workforce and Knowledge hub for the world.

Programs Conducted Under SDC:

1. App Development Program – 2015 4-1-2015 to 19-1-2015 69 42 APPS
2. Project Development Program – 2015 4-2-2015 to 8-4-2015 55 13 PROJECTS
3. Job Guarantee Program – 2015 12-5-2015 to 13-7-2015 6
4. MIT App Inventor Program – 2016 1-2-2016 to 9-4-2016 70 31 APPS
5. CAD/CAM Program – 2017 13-11-2017 to 30-3-2017 31
6. VLSI Program – 2017 13-11-2017 to 30-3-2017 20
7. Android App Development
Program – 2017
13-11-2017 to 30-3-2017 84
8. C-Programming 18-7-2017 to 18-11-2017 85
9. Android Fundamentals Phase-I 28-8-2017 to 30-8-2017 85
10. Six-Days Programme on
Problem-Solving in C
29.01.2018 to 03.02.2018 145

Our College maintains a Health Centre, staffed by nurse practitioner and a consultant Doctor. These health professionals’ provide quality medical care for routine health problems and injuries. Ambulance facility is provided to the sick and the needy. Response-time in calling ambulance services from outside is also done within 10 minutes.

The institution is providing a fleet of 9 vehicles used as conveyance for the benefit of students, faculty and others from distances varying from 12 to 40 km. In addition, college is facilitating the students to provide concessional bus pass.

  • AITS is providing a fleet of 9 vehicles that are used as conveyance for the benefit of students, faculty and others from distances varying from 12 to 40 km.
  • The vehicles are also used for visits to industries and for off-campus placements.
  • AITS is providing bus facility for students and staff at very reasonable fare and all safety precautions have been taken to minimize breakdowns.

Installed of Solar SPV generator for 200 KW (140 KVA) under HT cat-II at 11 KV potential on our roof top. There are 800 panels. Average units produced per month are 16,350 KWH. The power plant came to commencement on 01.05.2017 to meet academic power requirements.

Solar Water Heater System is available in both Boys and Girls Hostel. Bosch-make 2000 LPD Normal FPC Solar Water Heating System (non-pressurized) of 3 numbers is installed on Girls Hostels Rooftop. There are 16 collectors for each system with tank capacity of 2000 liters. Solarizer plus Heat Exchanger System 500 LPD of 10 numbers is installed on Boy’s Hostel Rooftop that generates 6000 liters of hot water to the students.

Girls Hostel
Boys Hostel
  1. Separate hostels available for Boys and Girls inside the campus, with well furnished and spacious rooms.
  2. The hostels have excellent water facility, modern kitchen and dining. The students are provided with the choice of vegetarian and non vegetarian food. The rooms are furnished with individual cots, tables, chairs, and bureau. Importance is given in maintaining discipline and security of the students.
  3. The resident warden of each hostel takes care to see that all the needs of the students are met and a homely atmosphere with a sense of security is created. Immediate medical care is given to hostel students on requirement.
  4. Separate modern and well-equipped hostels for boys and girls are available. Well furnished rooms, spacious Dining Area, dormitory type rooms, 24hours security, make the hostel life very pleasant for the students. Sports facilities, movie screening and internet facility are made available for the refreshment of the students.
  5. Wide corridors and open areas ensuring good ventilation for healthy living. All the student rooms are spacious with three seated accommodation, having almost independent and exclusive and study areas for each inmate. A separate dining and reception block including a centralized kitchen with a capacity for 250 students dining and recreation halls besides a pantry and exclusive facilities and outdoor games.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Admission to the hostel will be made by the Principal. All the applications for admission must be made to the Principal in the prescribed form which can be had from the Hostel Office on payment
  2. Every student seeking admission in the hostel should give an undertaking in the prescribed form countersigned by the parents.
  3. Members of the hostel should not absent themselves from the classes and stay in the hostel
  4. Study hours are tentatively fixed as 8.30pm to 10.30 pm. This might get altered extended during study holidays and exam days. During study hours, members of the hostel should remain only in their reading rooms.
  5. The inmates of the hostel should not leave the hostel on any day without prior permission of the Deputy Warden/Warden, failing which severe disciplinary action will be taken against them which/may include termination of the students from the hostel.
  6. No student shall leave the hostel after 6.00 p.m. The inmates of the hostel going out and not returning before 6.00 p.m without permission will be punished severely and also fined heavily.
  7. The inmates should not misuse with the electrical power in their rooms. The use of extra light, electric heater or electric iron or fan or audio or video tapes or any other electrical appliances is strictly forbidden.
  8. Members shall not remove the furniture from one place to another or exchange among themselves.
  9. Hostellers are forbidden from defacing or damaging any part of the hostel. Students who are involved in such activities will be punished severely to the extent of dismissal from the hostel. The cost of any such damage so caused, shall also be recovered from them.
  10. The mess fees must be paid in the College office before the prescribed date.
  11. Members are advised not to leave cash or valuables in their rooms. The hostel authorities will not be responsible for articles or money lost by members. Students can deposit their cash in the nearest banks.
  12. On no account – tea, meal or tiffin is allowed to be taken inside the room unless it is approved by the Tutor/Deputy Warden / Warden under emergency cases where the inmates are sick and bed ridden.
  13. No member is permitted to enter into the kitchen.
  14. No guest can be entertained without the permission of the Deputy Warden / Warden.
  15. Guests are confined to the reception hall and students are not permitted to take the guests to their rooms, lest they will be dealt with severely.
  16. Members should maintain silence in their rooms.
  17. Any complaint against any employee of the hostel for any cause may be made in writing to the Deputy-Warden / Warden for necessary action. No member shall take law in his/her own hands, however, grave or provocative the conduct of the employee in-mates / Co – Students may be.
  18. Possession of cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, intoxicating drugs or use of such forbidden items is strictly prohibited.
  19. Shouting or causing disturbance to the other inmates of the hostel is strictly prohibited.
  20. Any breach of discipline in the hostel shall be dealt with either by fine, suspension or expulsion from the hostel or even handing over to the police. Expulsion from the hostel, either temporarily or permanently shall entail similar expulsion from the College as deemed fit and necessary.
  21. Members of the hostel should not organize or convene meeting of any sort without getting permission from the Deputy Warden and Warden in writing.
  22. Students who are expelled for non-payment of mess dues will be permitted to join the mess only on clearing his /her mess dues.
  23. A student who is removed or suspended from the College shall automatically cease to be the member of the hostel. The hostel students shall adhere to the timings strictly,
  • Breakfast: 7.30 a.m. to 8.30 a.m
  • Lunch : 12.30 p.m. to 2.00 p.m (likely to change in accordance with time Table)
  • Snacks: 5.30 p.m to 6:00p.m.
  • Dinner : 7.30 pm to 8.30 p.m

Note: Students shall strictly confine to the food timings. Food will not be served beyond the specified timings unless specific directions obtained from Deputy Warden/Warden on extra-ordinary circumstances.

A canteen with a built-area of over 4000 sq. ft. is in the campus. The canteen has been well planned and well-furnished. It has a seating capacity of 175. Two RO Systems each with 2000 liters per hour are installed to ensure constant supply of safe drinking water in the entire campus that also caters to the need in the canteen.

AITS Tirupati Engineering Colleges in Tirupati Gymnasium

AITS, has a modern gymnasium with high-tech equipment. The gymnasium has been constructed recently. The new Gymnasium is a fine recreational facility with a fully equipped weight-training section and a qualified kinetics. The Gymnasium has the following fitness equipment items: Magnetic Cycle, 12 Station Gym, Smith Machine, Flat Bench, Bench Press, Plates and Dumbbells.