Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

The field of Computer Science and Engineering has been pushing the envelope of almost all other disciplines, which use computing as a fundamental means of inquiry and tool for discovery. Computer science and engineering offers exciting, intellectually challenging, and rapidly growing career opportunities. It is the heart of where the action is: whether this means intelligent game playing, mobile applications, smart robots, cloud computing, data security or social networks.

The B.Tech program in Computer Science and Engineering was started in the year 2007 with an intake of 60, increased to 120 in 2008 and 180 in 2017. Besides, an additional 20% seats are under lateral entry scheme.

M. Tech (Computer Science & Engineering): M. Tech (Computer Science & Computer Science and Engineering) is a two year full time post-graduate programme approved by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) for the students who have a B.E / B. Tech in any branch of engineering, M.Sc and M.C.A. The course is offered by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering by highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty. Intake to this course is 24 & 18 respectively admitted through J N T University’s.

The B.Tech CSE Programme was accredited by NBA first time under tier – II in 2016 and further extension of accreditation in granted up to June 2023.


To achieve excellence in the field of Computer Science and Engineering with professional competency.


  • Provide quality education to achieve excellence.
  • Upgrade infrastructure and technologies to meet the learner’s needs.
  • Establish linkages with Government and Industry to enhance technical skills, entrepreneurship and innovations.
  • Support research to serve the needs of the society.

Programme Educational Objectives

After 4 – 6 years of completion, the graduates will become

PEO No. Programme Educational Objectives
PEO1 Competent Professionals rendering service to IT industry – Core Competence, Professionalism
PEO2 Lifelong Learner by adapting new technologies to sustain their career – Learning Environment, Professionalism, Breadth
PEO3 Technocrats to serve the needs of the society with ethical values – Preparation, Professionalism

Mapping Program Educational Objectives with Mission

PEO No. Mission 1 Mission 2 Mission 3 Mission 4
PEO1 3 1 2
PEO2 2 3 1
PEO3 3 3 3
Correlation Levels: 1 – Slight (Low) 2 – Moderate (Medium) 3 – Substantial (High)

Program Outcomes

Demonstrate the working principles of the hardware and software aspects of computer systems.

Design products based on the professional engineering practices with effective strategies.

Ms. B. Rupa Devi, started her teaching career from 2003. She was ratified by Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati as Lecturer in 2004 and Associate Professor in 2010 by JNTUA, Anantapuramu from the Department of MCA. She completed her M. Tech in 2010 from Acharya Nagarjuna University. She has registered for her PhD at ANU, Guntur. She joined as an Assistant Professor in the Department of CSE in 2011 at Annamacharya Institute of Technology & Sciences, Tirupati. Her research interest is in the area of Data Mining. She has coordinated many events that are been conducted in the campus. She has many number of paper published in International journals. She got qualified in NET examination for Assistant Professor recently.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

S.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 B Rupadevi Assistant Professor & HOD M.Tech.(Ph.D)
2 Dr K Navaz Professor M.E., Ph.D
3 Dr P Senthil Kumar Professor M.E., Ph.D
4 Dr S Jumlesha Professor M.E.,Ph.D
5 Dr S Athinarayanan Professor M.Tech., Ph.D
6 C Bhanu Prakash Assistant Professor M.Tech
7 B Purushotham Assistant Professor M.Tech.(Ph.D)
8 G Lakshmi Narayana Assistant Professor M.Tech.(Ph.D)
9 K Rajasekhar Assistant Professor M.Tech
10 B Ramana Reddy Assistant Professor M.Tech
11 C Usha Rani Assistant Professor M.Tech
12 Ch Siva Sankar Assistant Professor M.Tech
13 N Divya Jyothi Assistant Professor M.Tech
14 T.Venkata Athnam Assistant Professor M.Tech
15 S.Sundara Andiyan Assistant Professor M.Tech
16 K Sumalatha Assistant Professor M.Tech.(Ph.D)
17 L. Veera Kiran Assistant Professor M.Tech
18 A Mrinalini Assistant Professor M.Tech
19 P.Venkata Mheswara Assistant Professor M.Tech
20 S  Ravi Kumar Assistant Professor M.Tech
21 D  Murali Krishna Assistant Professor M.Tech
22 T. Murali Assistant Professor M.Tech
23 N. Murali Krishna Assistant Professor M.Tech
24 S.Konda Reddy Assistant Professor M.Tech
25 P.Priyanka Assistant Professor M.Tech
26 K Madhava Kumar Assistant Professor M.Tech
27 P.Poornima Assistant Professor M.Tech
28 S.Mohammed Ali Assistant Professor M.Tech
29 A. Naga Sahithi Assistant Professor M.Tech
30 N.Chandra Shekhar Assistant Professor M.Tech
31 A Sankar Reddy Assistant Professor M.Tech
32 N V Vinod Kumar Assistant Professor M.Tech
33 B. Sunil Kumar Assistant Professor M.Tech
34 V Syamasudha Assistant Professor M.Tech
35 T. Samatha Assistant Professor M.Tech


SNo. Date Event Detail Guest/Speaker of the Event
1 21.06.2016 International Yoga Day Mr. C. Sarath Babu,
Yoga Instructor,
TTD Vedic Univ., TPT
2 01.07.2016 Orientation Programme Dr. Nagendra Prasad,
Placement Officer,
3 04.07.2016 Introduction on Python Programming Mr. Rishi Anand,
Corporate Trainer, HYD
4 29.07.2016 APP Exhibition III Year CSE Students
5 03.08.2016 Two Days Workshop on Big Data Mr. G. Srikanth,
TCS Trainer, Chennai
6 26.08.2016 Session by IC2 Mr. Glenn Robinson
Mr. Vishal Khanna
Mr. Giridhar
7 22.11.2016 – 27.11.2016 FTP on “Curriculum Design, Measurement and Evaluation” NITTTR, Kolkatta
8 05.01.2017 Pep-Talk on Motivating Students to Inspire Ms. Pamela Kumar,
Cloud Computing Council of India, BGL
9 11.01.2017 Training Programme on “Demonetization and Cashless Transactions” APSSDC Trainers
10 20.01.2017 Virtualization in Cloud Computing, an in-house Training Programme to III CSE students Mr. Ch. Sivasankar, Assistant Professor,Dept of CSE, AITS, Tirupati
11 04.03.2017 One-Day Workshop on “IOT – Hands on Practice” Dr. S R N Reddy & his Scholars
12 27.03.2017 National Level Technical Symposium, LORECRON – 2k17 Mr. G. Giridhar, CEO, M/s. 7-In-Q and M/s. Venusgeo
13 31.03.2017 College Day Celebrations Mr. EV Swamy
Mr. Balaswamy B
Ms. Priya Radhakrishnan


SNo. Date Event Detail Guest/Speaker of the Event
1 13.06.2017 Importance of Research – Awareness Programme to Staff Dr. K. R. Murali Mohan,
Head – Big Data Initiative, DST, India
2 21.06.2017 International Yoga Day Art of Living – Trainers
3 05.07.2017 Orientation-Day Programme to B. Tech Freshers Mr. Jagan Mohan,
Technical Head – Amararaja Batteries, TPT
4 07.07.2017 Memory Improvement Programme Raghu Guruji,
Sathya Sai Trust of Meditation
5 12.07.2017 Pep-Talk on “IT Industry Needs” Mr. S. R. Swaminathan, Senior Director, Virtusa – Chennai
Mr. Naveen Williams, HR Executive, Virtusa – Chennai
6 05.08.2017 Entrepreneurship Awareness Program IB Hubs
7 18.08.2017 Pep-Talk on “Preparation for UPSC & Prospects” Mr. Ashok IPS
8 23.08.2017 CSE Fresher’s Day Dr. C. Nadhamuni Reddy, Principal, AITS, Tirupati
9 12.09.2017 –
Third International Conference on “Recent Challenges in Engineering & Technology” Prof. Bhanu Prasad Pinnamaneni,
Director, R &D, Kelenn Technology, France
Dr. Vijay Tharad, Director – Operations
10 13.09.2017 IoT in Everyday Life Dr. Siva Gurumoorthy,
Professor, SVCE, Tirupati
11 Three Days Android Workshop for III CSE APSSDC Trainers
12 24.01.2018 Pep-Talk on Self Motivation to improve academics and career Mr. Sudheer Sandra, Clinical Psychologist
13 22.01.2018 –
Six Days Programme on Problem-Solving in C Language APSSDC Trainers
14 29.01.2018-
Six Days Programme on Problem-Solving in C Language APSSDC Trainers
Practical Classes Conducted Year
Computer Programming Lab
(C Language)
I B.Tech I Semester
Data Structures &
Algorithms Lab
I B.Tech II Semester
IT Workshop I B.Tech II Semester
Java Programming Lab II B.Tech II Semester
Object Oriented Analysis
and Design and Software Testing Lab
III B.Tech I Semester
Operating System Lab III B.Tech I Semester
Web and Internet Technologies Lab III B.Tech II Semester
Data Warehousing and Mining Lab III B.Tech II Semester
Advanced English Language
Communication Skills Lab
III B.Tech II Semester
Grid and Cloud Computing Lab IV B.Tech. I Semester
Mobile Application Development Lab IV B.Tech. I Semester

The modern air-conditioned laboratories of the department serve the teaching and research needs of the students and faculty. The department has dedicated computer labs with 300 systems, all in a networked environment. The department offers free high-speed Internet facility through 65 Mbps wireless RF connectivity. Additional facilities like Central Computing Facility, e-Class room with multimedia facilities, Internet, Centrally air-conditioned Seminar Hall/Auditorium are also available.


A-Block (Computer Center-III)
Lab Dimensions: 8.9 x 21.8m
SQ. MTS: 194.02 sq. Mts

S.No. Name of the item Present Quantity in Nos.
1. Air-conditioners 02
2. Computers 80
3. Chairs(Plastic) 84
4. Fans 14
5. Lights 21
6. LAN Switches 04
7. LAN Wall Mount 01
8. Ups(20KVA) 01
9. Tables(Computer) 30
10. Round Tables(Computer) 02
11. Shoe Stands 05

Hardware Facilities

Component Name Description
Desktop PC’S 80 Nos M70 Series Lenovo Desktops
Processor Pentium I3 processor
chipset Intel H81
Hard Disk 1TB SATA
Monitor 19.5″ LED Display
USB keyboard USB Keyboard
USB Mouse USB Mouse
Backup UPS 20KVA-1 No’s

B.Tech R15 Regulation II Year II Semester

S.No. Name of the Subject PDF/PPT/DOCS/Video Link
1. Computer Organization Unit 1 – Basic Structure of Computers
Unit 2 – Arithmetics
Unit 3 – Basic Processing
Unit 4 – Memory System
Unit 5 – i-o Organization
Video Link
2. Software Engineering SE NOTES
3. Java Programming 1. Introduction to java.ppt
2. Java Reference .ppt
3. Java Programming Video Links:-
Java Development Kit Introduction
Java Arrays
Java sample example
Java loops
Java exceptions
Java by MIT Introduction to Java
4. Reference ppt in Java

B.Tech R15 Regulation III Year II Semester

S.No. Name of the Subject PDF/PPT/DOCS/Video Link
1. Data Mining & Warehousing
2. Compiler Design
3. Design Patterns Unit – 1
Unit – 2
Unit – 3
Unit – 4
Unit – 5
4. Web & Internet Technology HTML
5. Design& Analysis of Algorithms Unit – 1 Video Tutorial
Unit – 2 Video Tutorial
Unit – 1
Unit – 2
Unit – 1
6. Artificial Intelligence AI-UNIT-I – Intro
AI-UNIT-I – Agents
AI-UNIT-I – Heuristics
AI-UNIT-II – Logic
AI-UNIT-II – Inference
AI-UNIT-IV – Bayesian
AI-UNIT-IV – Uncertainty
AI-UNIT-V – Learning

B.Tech R13 Regulation IV Year II Semester

S.No. Name of the Subject PDF/PPT/DOCS/Video Link
1. Python Programming Python Video Tutorial
2. Real Time Systems Unit – 1
Unit – 2
Unit – 3
Unit – 4
3. Mobile Computing Mobile Computing

B.Tech R15 Regulation I Year II Semester

S.No. Name of the Subject PDF/PPT/DOCS/Video Link
1. Data Structures DS Unit – 1
DS Unit – 1.2
DS Unit – 2.1
DS Unit – 2.2
DS Unit – 3
DS Unit – 4
DS Unit – 5