Research & Development Cell (RDC)

About R & D



Annamacharya Institute of Technology & Sciences, Tirupati has promoted meaningful, scientific and industrial R&D activities with the vision and mission of pursuing and promoting research in frontier technologies as well as the various disciplines of Engineering, Science, Humanities, and Management. The RDC aims to reach the Vision and Mission of the college by encouraging the students and faculty to undertake the research in newly emerging frontier areas and multidisciplinary fields. The organizational structure of RDC consists of various committees to facilitate and monitor research activities.


To put in place a robust mechanism for developing and strengthening the research ecosystem within Institution, aligned with the provisions of NEP-2020.


  • To create a conducive environment for enhanced research productivity.
  • To encourage collaboration across industry, government, community-based organizations, and agencies at the local, national, and international levels.
  • To facilitate greater access to research through mobilization of resources and funding


  • To create an organizational structure with role-based functions of RDC, formulate Research Policy for AITS, identify thrust areas of research, and form related cluster groups/ frontline teams/consortia of researchers.
  • To create enabling provisions in Research Policies for recruitment of research personnel, procurement of equipment, and financial management with adequate autonomy to the Principal Investigator(s) and disseminate research outcomes to stakeholders and the public at large.
  • To establish a special purpose vehicle to promote researchers and innovators, identify potential collaborators from industry, research organizations, academic institutions & other stakeholders for cooperation and synergistic partnerships.
  • To act as a liaison between researchers & relevant research funding agencies, extend guidance in preparation & submission of project proposals and post-sanctioning of the grants to oversee adherence to timelines.
  • To have better coordination among other cells/centers dealing with Institute-Industry Linkage, Incubation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
  • To develop an Institutional Research Information System for sharing the status of ongoing/ completed research projects/Programmes, expertise & resources, etc., making effective use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) for preparing the database of in-house experts to provide industrial consultancy and services.
  • To engage & utilize the services of superannuated active faculty/scientists in research capacity building of talented young minds and promote mobility of researchers across institutions and R&D Labs.
  • To serve as nodal center for ideation and conceptualization of research topics/themes by organizing workshops and training programs and ensuring the integrity and ethical practices in research activities.

Roles and Responsibilities of RDC:

  1. To enhance the Research Ecosystem of the college
  2. To promote Academic Research in the college with Faculty and students
  3. To preserve the Code of ethics of the college while publishing
  4. To help the faculty in applying for funds in the form of Sponsored research / Grants from government and non government agencies
  5. To pave the path for the teachers, students and researchers to collaborate for research

R And D Organogram

R D Organogram

Compositions of RAC & RDC

Research & Development Wing

Research & Development Wing in the college comprises two committees

  1. a) Research Advisory Council (RAC)
  2. b) Research & Development Cell (RDC)

Composition of Research Advisory Council (RAC)

S.No Name and designation Role in the Council
1 Prof. C. Nadhamuni Reddy

Principal, AITS, Tirupati

2 Sri. C. Abhishek Reddy

Executive Director, AITS, Tirupati

3 Dr. V.N. Mani

Scientist-F, C-MET, Hyderabad

4 Dr. T. Rajendra Prasad

Scientist-F, NARL, Gadanki


Composition of Research & Development Cell (RDC)

S.No Name and designation Role in the RDC
1 Dr. J. Guru Jawahar

Professor, Dept.of CE, AITS, Tirupati

Director/ Convener
2 Dr. K. Ramya

Coordinator, Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), AITS, Tirupati

3 Dr. K. Balaji Nanda Kumar Reddy

Convener, Research Ethics Committee (REC),

AITS, Tirupati

4 Mr. M. Lakshmi Narayana Reddy

Convener, Industry-Interaction Cell (IIC),

AITS, Tirupati

5 Dr. K. Thulasirajan

Coordinator, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR),

AITS, Tirupati

6 Dr. P. Lavanya

Coordinator, Institute Ethics Committee (IEC),

AITS, Tirupati

7 Mr. N. Dilip Kumar

Coordinator, Entrepreneurship Innovation and Start-ups Centre (EISC), AITS, Tirupati

8 Mr. D. Ayyappa Reddy

Accounts Officer, AITS, Tirupati


Funded Projects

Grants Received under AQIS- AICTE

Year Scheme Name of the coordinator Amount Sanctioned Sanctioned Letter Date Sanctioned Letter Number
2020 MODROBS Dr. N. Pushpalatha 8,10,980 20-07-2020 F.No. 9-155ADC/MODROB/Policy-I/2019-20
2020 FDP Dr. S. Arul 5,30,333 20-07-2020 Application ID (1-7080740041)
2020 STTP Dr. N. Pushpalatha 3,25,000 10-01-2020 F.No. 34-65/291/RIFD/STTP/Policy-I/2018-19
2019 GOC Dr. N. Chandrika 4,97,500 09.12.2020 F.No. 67-49/RIFD/GOC/Policy-I/2018-19
2019 FDP Dr. S. Arul 4,78,000 10-05-2019 F.No. 34-55/5/RIFD/FDP/Policy-I/2017-18
2019 STTP Dr. K. Narasimhulu 3,50,000 10-05-2019 F.No. 34-56/124/RIFD/STTP/Policy-I/2017-18
2019 STTP Dr. C. Sasikala 3,44,000 10-05-2019 F.No. 34-56/63/RIFD/STTP/Policy-I/2017-18
2013 SEMINAR GRANT K. Balaji Nanda Kumar Reddy 2,00,000 29-07-2013 F.No.7-209/RIFD/SG/POLICY-1/2013-14 & 7-01-2014
2011 SEMINAR GRANT Md. Jakeer Hussain 1,00,000 31-03-2011 F.No. RIFD/SEM/121/2010-11
Total Amount Sanctioned 36,35,813

Patents Published and Granted

Patent Details from 2017-18 to 2022-23: ECE Department

SNo Year Title of Patent Status Ownership details File/ ID No
Filed/ Published/ Granted




Human Centered AI System to Empower Genomic Data Analysis and Extraction  



Dr.N.Pushpalatha/ Dr.R.SenthamilSelvan.




2 2022-23 Design of Smart Home Automation using Cloud Networking System Published Dr.R.SenthamilSelvan et al. 202241041432A
3 2021-22 Battery Swapping Technology with Cloud Interface for Electrical Vehicle Published Dr.R.SenthamilSelvan et al. 202241022247
4 2021-22 A System based on Deep Learning Three-Dimensional Pipeline Reconstruction and Method Thereof


Published Dr.N.Pushpalatha/ Dr.I.Suneetha




5 2021-22 Patient Centric healthcare system using AI and Block chain


Published Mr.P.Harish et al.




6 2021-22 An apparatus and a method for Beam forming using  phased array antenna


Published Dr.R.Kalyan et al.




7 2020-21 Crowd Detection Camera to Speke the maintain and identify the suspect using AI-Based Programming Published Mr.P.Harish et al.




8 2020-21 Collective Network Channel Decentralized Fountain Design Codes for Secure Communication in VANET Published Dr.R.SenthamilSelvan 1714/2021-CHE, C.B.R No: 1368

Patent Details from 2017-18 to 2022-23: CSE Department

SNo Year Title of Patent Status Ownership details File/ ID No
Filed/ Published/ Granted
1 2022-23 Framewework design for regulating healthcare efficiency and medical services using machine learning /artificial – intelligence. Published Dr.S.Jumlesha 202241064218
2 2021-22 Hybrid Memory Cube Oriented Image Classification using a Machine Learning Technique Published Dr.N.Badrinath et al. 202141042656
3 2021-22 Artificial intelligence based covid-19 spread prediction Published Dr.N.Badrinath et al. 202141049570
4 2021-22 Fine-grained Fish Classification on Underwater Images using Deep Learning Architectures Published Dr.N.Badrinath et al. 202141050186
5 2021-22 A Machine Learning Approach to Study the Mental Health of Humans Published Dr.K.Navaz et al. 202241011194
6 2021-22 Machine Learning Based Approach To Study The Impact Of Antibiotics On Toddlers Using Their Primary Health Related Data Published Dr.S.Athinarayanan et al. 202241017724
7 2021-22 A Mobile Adhoc Network (Manet) For Tracking The Mobile Phones For Any Intrusions Or Mishandling Of Data Published Mr.B.Ramana Reddy 202241018318


8 2021-22 A Machine Learning based Approach for creating a Case Study of adaptability aspects of employees Published Ms.M. Reddy Durgasree 202241022599
9 2021-22 Artificial Intelligence based Technique to Monitor the digital Marketing Graphs and Techniques Through Big Data Analytics Published Dr.S.Jumlesha 202211022601
10 2021-22 Artificial Intelligence based Techniques Integrated with Image Processing to Calculate the Emotional Quotient Employees of an Organisation Published Mr.B.Sunil Kumar 202241022520
11 2021-22 Deep Learning Approach to Provide a vulnerable framework for safeguarding the Data’s that are Transferred over cloud along with cyber security


Published Mrs.B.Rupadevi et al. 202241023064
12 2021-22 Block Chain Technologies for disaster risk reduction and managing it During Emergency Conditions Published Dr.S.Athinarayanan et al. 202211022825
13 2021-22 A Hybrid Prediction model for Big Data Clustering and Classification usig Random Forest, K-Means and Decision Tree Published Mr.Kiran Moni 202241027528
14 2021-22 Deep Learning  based technique to analyse the Genome Sequence of Cancer Patients and Predict their Live Expectancy based on Cell Biology Published Mr.Revanthbabu 202241028751
15 2021-22 A Machine Learning Based Approach to Predict Growth of  Tourism Published Dr.S.Athinarayanan 202211028755

Patent Details from 2017-18 to 2022-23: CE Department

SNo Year Title of Patent Status Ownership details File/ ID No
Filed/ Published/ Granted




An Earthquake-resistant Precast Beam-column connection Using Cleat angle and Replaceable dissipaters  



Dr.K.Thulasirajan et al.






Self-sensing Reinforced concrete and Structural Health Monitoring the Same Published Dr.J. Guru Jawahar et al. 202141058280


Sustainable translucent light Emitting concrete with Optical fibres and preparation thereof Published Mr.T,.Sai Krishna et al. 202241004387

Patent Details from 2017-18 to 2022-23: HBS

SNo Year Title of Patent Status Ownership details File/ ID No
Filed/ Published/ Granted




An AI based system for processing Algebra Operation and method thereof Published  

Dr. B. Aruna Kumari et al.






Sensor assembly for evaluating fluid dyanamic for a mechanical system and method thereof. Published Dr. N. Tarakaramu et al. 53/2021


No. of papers published in National/ International Journals and National/ International Conferences

1 2022-23 (In progress) 16 5 10 09 02 68 00 110
2 2021-22 48 9 66 03 06 04 13 149
3 2020-21 67 18 52 15 05 04 03 164
4 2019-20 26 39 38 09 06 04 14 136
5 2018-19 53 24 62 25 16 04 09 193
6 2017-18 72 12 44 19 05 06 13 171
Sub Total 282 107 272 80 40 90 52 923