AP Govt’s Yuva Prastanam at AITS Tirupati through SAPNET

Yuva Prastanam (the youthful journey) is a personality development workshop organized by SAPNET on behalf of Government of Andhra Pradesh in Annamacharya Institute of Technology & Sciences, Tirupati on 06.10.2018. The purpose of organizing the seminar is to show a way forward to confused youth, to guide and mentor them to be better citizens of our state and Nation. This is an opportunity that it will not only open the gateway of future for the youth through this seminar , but will also guide the participants through a panel of experts, making use of social media and virtual connect platforms. The shows will be telecasted to wider audience through the government learning channels viz., AP prime TV and Mana TV.

Mr. K. V. Pradeep, a pioneer of Telugu Television industry, an Actor, Anchor, Trainer, Writer, Film Maker, Speaker and Television Leader was Keynote Motivational Speaker of the Programme. He wanted students to have a positive attitude that will lead them to success. Every being has a talent, and students with competitive spirit and passion can achieve their goals. He told students to adhere to process that comes with an organization. Students were encouraged to have a combo behavior that includes values, strengths, attitude, skill and knowledge. He urged students the importance of communication that expresses their ideas to impress where ideas are generating invoice. Performance is the parameter of life and he advised the audience that it has to be assessed and evaluated daily by thy self.

Mr. Jaya Simha, Chairman of National Memory Council of India (NMCI) and Guinness Record Holder focused on enhancing the human potential through Memory Skills and Visualization Techniques. He demonstrated a unique technique of memorizing the information and made students to participate in the activity and derived results from them.

Students interacted with Ms. Saraswathi Pradeep, Certified Trainer and Motivational Speaker on Morals and Values needed in today’s world. Large edifices will also stumble without strong foundation and such is also the nation. She insisted the values and morals will help in progress of our society and nation.

The programme was attended by students and staff of AITS.