Workshop on Revit 20 Jul 2023

The Department of Civil Engineering at Annamacharya Institute of Technology & Sciences, Tirupati, organized a workshop on July 20, 2023, featuring the master trainer G. Siva Kumar from AYLIN TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED. The workshop focused on ‘Revit’ and was attended by department staff, B.Tech, and M.Tech students. During the workshop, Mr. Siva Kumar delivered an expert talk on the basics of Revit, how to create building plans, and discussed the top Autodesk courses relevant to students and those pursuing civil engineering. He also provided practical demonstrations using building plans, which aided the students in gaining a better understanding of Revit. Additionally, he explained the process of installing software from Autodesk, including potential student versions. Mr. Anil, the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, emphasized the importance of software and its relevance for the future of students.