5 things I took from my 1st year at AITS, Tirupati

5 things I took from my 1st year at AITS, Tirupati

A college or a university gives you the knowledge that you need to take your next steps on your career path. However, don’t underestimate the valuable lessons, apart from the course curriculum, you’ll learn each year during your college life.

It’s been a year that I have joined Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Tirupati. My entire first year revolved around homework, grades, studying for many tests and quizzes, and working endlessly on assignments, along with various extracurricular activities, of course.All of these things have definitely prepared me to enter into the second year of my college without any hesitation. By doing every single assignment, prepping for every exam, attending every lecture, I have gained the knowledge that I need to keep my foot in the field of engineering.

Now, as I start to pack my belongings and prepare for the summer break, I cannot believe how quickly my first year of college has flown by. It’s been one of the most challenging yet rewarding year, and I am here to share some things that my first year of college taught me.

Dreams just don’t happen, you need to work towards them

Famous American author, John C Maxwell rightly said, “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

Initially, when I joined Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Tirupati, I had no clue on what my next big step in my career would be. Nor did I know what exactly I wanted to do. While I did have a brief overview about the specialization I chose, I didn’t exactly know where my life was going.My teachers, who also happen to be my mentors in the college, assisted me in understanding the big business and technology world out there and encouraged me to make place for myself in this fast-moving world.

But, how will that happen?I was quite sure that it would not happen overnight. Then, a realization struck me. It was that dreams just don’t happen on their own. If you have a dream, you need to work towards it. It is essential that you understand your goals to be fulfilled and you need make an effort to accomplish them.This realization along with my mentor’s words changed my perspective towards achieving things in life.

Balancing life is very important

A well-balanced life is essential for personal effectiveness, peace of mind and well-being.

One of the most important lessons that I have learnt in my first year at college was on how to prioritize things. I have learnt that life is all about balancing work, family, friends and personal time. There is always someone or something that we have to answer to. There are things we want to do because we wish to do and things we must do. However, the challenge is to create a balance between what we must do with what we enjoy and choose to do. This is not always easy.

My college gave me a glimpse of how to be better organized, balance fun and work, and put my priorities in order. One of the most important life lesson I have learnt was that stressing out at the last moments will not yield any productive solution.

Go beyond the text books

It’s true when they say that not everything can be taught with books. Learning is never confined to just books. The faculty at AITS, Tirupati teach us beyond the prescribed textbooks and give us insights from multiple sources.

This has inspired me to explore the world of technology and develop a keen interest towards technology innovations across several industries and platforms. Moreover, learning need not be a boring activity where you have to sit with books and memories them. I once had a test. The subject was complicated for me to understand. As the test was in the next couple of days, I tried reaching out to other sources like videos to learn the complicated subject.

And, Voila! I passed with a great grade.

Creating own opportunities

Opportunities can change your life. They build a ladder so that you can climb to the top and achieve your dreams. AITS, Tirupati provided me with a window to meet industry experts and experience enlightening sessions. It was in one of those sessions that I realised that opportunities are well present all around you. All you need to do is just learn how to identify and grab them.

Whether you’re an engineer embarking your next technology innovation idea or a visionary simply wanting to start a new quest in your personal life, you do not have to wait around for an opportunity to present itself. By understanding yourself and making a conscious effort to push yourself forward, you can create your own opportunities or find them. Let opportunities not knock your door, but you knock your door of opportunities until it opens.

Have fun

For me the initial part of first year was quite scary and exciting all at once – a new environment with new exciting things to explore. However, I’ve learnt that it is important to have fun in college, because after college is when the real life begins. I’ve learnt that essential to enjoy college while you can, because once you are done with college, there is nothing standing between you and rest of your life. So, cherish the moments, make memories, and create friendships, because just like high school, it will be over before you know it.

However, while having fun, it is also important to remember who you are and what your end goal is. One of my seniors told me, “Study hard, party with friends, and get ready, because life is just around the corner.”

Now, I know that life is going to get tough and also know what exactly I want. All it took was some trial and error to identify what my goals are, and the paths to achieve them. I would like to thank AITS, Tirupati for supporting me right from building my career to who I am now. More to see in the second year!