Here’s what you can expect in the education sector from the newly formed schemes by the government

Education is undoubtedly important for everybody. Education can shape one’s outlook and directly impacts on the economic growth of a country. Interim Finance Minister Piyush Goyal presented the Education Budget 2019-2020 a few months back and it is set to create an impact on the National Education System. From a budget of 62,474 crores, in RE 2018-2019, the central government increased the budget to 76,800 crores in BE 2019-20. The government also allocated 27,584 crores Integrated Child Development Scheme Allocation.

Here are the new schemes presented by the central government to benefit the educational sector

  • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
  • Sakshar Bharat
  • Teacher Training Programs
  • Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha

These will encourage the education sector to perform further research across all disciplines and strengthen the technical capacities of the central schools. Also, it will escalate the growth of skilled teachers with a better pay scale. On the other hand, with the stress on digitisation, advanced technology and AI, apart from the integration of technology in classrooms, the education will become more accessible and Engineering colleges will experience a positive impact and create new job opportunities for the youth India. Moreover, with the launch of the National Artificial Intelligence Portal by the government, it is clear that more AI startups will come up benefiting the education sector and other industries. These will pave the way for students who are keen on pursuing careers in Engineering and Technology.

Meanwhile, the Andhra Pradesh Finance Minister Mr Buggana Rajendranath shared the budget for 2019-2020 recently and it is going to have an outstanding impact on the education system of the state.

The budget provisions are

  • 6,456 crores has been decided to be spent on Jagananna Ammavodi programme. Every mother will be given 15,000 for sending her children from grade 1-12 to the school.
  • 4,962 crores have been allocated for the scheme Jagananna Vidya Deevana in 2019-20. The scheme promises to give 100% fee reimbursement to all the SC, ST, BC, minorities, Kapu, EBC, and differently-abled students. They will be also given maintenance support of Rs 20,000 per year to each student.
  • The government allocated 1,500 crores for modernisation of infrastructure in schools.
  • 1,158 crores has been allocated to Samagra Shiksha scheme.

These will benefit in the development of the education sector of the state. With these lucrative schemes, the government can attract the middle class as well as the poor, disables sector of the society. Many parents refrain from sending their wards to school due to monetary shortcoming, now, can get benefited by it. Moreover, many schools can now focus on the expansion of the school’s infrastructure including the inclusion of latest technologies like Machine Learning labs, robotics, internet facilities, etc., helping the students in seeking a fruitful career.

The Government of AP has also created an Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation through which they plan to give employment to approximately 10 million skilled workers till 2022, across the high-priority and emerging sectors. They have been organising faculty development training and student training programs with several colleges including Annamacharya Institute of Technology & Sciences, Tirupati.

Also, the government has made English Medium mandatory in all the state government schools, which will not only strengthen a student’s future but will also, create opportunities for him/her to pursue a career in a technology field. With global evolution, English has become the language of computers. Not only that, it is often called the language of science and acts as a mode of communication for businesses across the globe. Lack of fluency in English can act as a hindrance in the future. With an early introduction of English to the students, it will help the students to build comfort with the language. Also, the competitive exams are held in English language and top engineering and medical institutions of India offer the curriculum in English medium only.

Conclusion:Therefore, with these new schemes formed by the government, the students are going to get benefited and will grow by leaps and bounds.

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