What are the suggested Cross-Platform Tools for App Development?

Choosing the right application development tools is critical for building a good app. In current times, startups and SMEs stumble upon cross-platform as an amazing form of technology to create an app on multiple platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS simultaneously.

This means, by forging a single app you can target both iOS and Android, thus, widening your reach to the target audience.

Adobe PhoneGap

PhoneGap is a product of Adobe and is one of the finest cross-platform development tools. It is dependent on the open source framework Apache Cordova that allows you to complete a set of PhoneGap tools, which facilitates simplify the app development process and insert the options.

Debugging tools enable you to test CSS, HTML, and debug codes in JavaScript. Below is the list of tools

  • For iOS App Development – Safari Web Inspector Tool
  • For Android App Development – Chrome Developer Tool
  • For Windows – Go to the page Microsoft Visual Studio


Appcelerator is a cross-platform mobile app development platform that enables you to get the app quickly by making the whole process smooth. Using a single JavaScript code you can forge native-like mobile apps and apps with cloud-like performance. The added benefit of an Appcelerator is its quality and it can be used for creating apps for an operating system or any other device.

Further, this tool makes it simple for you to use and test your apps with the help of the automated mobile tests that enable you to assess your app usage and the outcome of your app project. You can identify crashes, bugs, as well as make minor adjustments to enhance the comprehensive performance of your app.

This app is globally accepted in various industries such as:

  • Consumers goods and services
  • Social Networking
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Media & Communications
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare


It is an exceptional tool intended particularly for businesses that are into HR consulting, e-learning. This app goes well with both iOS and Android devices. As such, you can choose accordingly as per your business’ needs. It enables you to promptly develop relevant content to support your staff’s learning and performance. 5App makes use of JavaScript and HTML5 for coding of apps and stresses on the safety of app data.

This App is used by 4, 00, 000 employees covering 50 major brands across the world including Zurich Insurance, European Partners and Locaste.

Unity 3D

This app is extremely popular due to its graphics quality. It is so simple to use this tool and you can make use of this tool for more than once for developing a mobile app. With this tool, you can export games or apps to as many as 17 platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, Web, Linux, and Wii.

Unity 3D Apps are diverse in nature and educational, marketing and architecture are some of the most popular areas wherein they are being used. This app is ideal for the educational field as teachers benefit from this app to teach geometry to the students of elementary and middle school. This app enhances creative thinking, manual skills and reasoning skills among students.


Qt is the ideal cross-platform tool for mobile app development. It has standout features that enable creating UIs, fluid, embedded devices, and applications with the same code for iOS, Android, and Windows. Besides, this software tool enables you to check how your app is working on different platforms.

If someone desires to earn substantial money and work in mobile app development as a professional, you have to make a beginning with Qt only.

The below-mentioned are classic examples of apps created using Qt:

  • Google Earth
  • VLC Media Player
  • Virtual Box
  • Kindle for PC
  • Spotify for Windows

Conclusion: In the current scenario, businesses encounter fierce competition and their key focus is on the target market audience. To address this situation, businesses need to capitalize on cross-platform app development tools to the extent possible.
Further, it is really confusing to pick the best development tool given many options in the market. It is wise on your part to select a tool that can meet all your mobile app development requirements.

Cross Platform App Development

Cross Platform Development

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