What do you Learn from Alexa HIPAA Compliant Skills Kit?

April 4, 2019, Amazon announced its Alexa Skills Kit that will allow health care industry personnel to build voice tools that will be able to transmit private patient information securely.

What is more important to note in this news is that the skills kit is HIPAA compliant. Which means that this product will never be subject to corrective action, and will continue reaping profits for Amazon.

That been said, it is now evident how voice rewrites are ruling the software world. This actually opens up a host of opportunities for fresh engineering students. In this era of social media, smartphones, tablets, edtech, and MOOC’s, it is evident how important a role these software applications play in the learning environment. So much so that this type of massive outreach of these apps have inspired a number of software organizations to come up with apps that will help engineering students to build-in apps of their own.

Here are a few tools that can help you learn and understand computer programming more closely

Code School

This is a learning platform that offers a plain and simple approach to teaching programming. As a student, you can direct your own learning experiences either by taking courses (one at a time) as required or by following prepare paths for Ruby, JavaScript, iOS and HTML/CSS.

The Code School platform uses a badge and prize-based incentive system that you may also find out from online gaming.

Hackety Hack

You can easily download this application for Windows. It will help you understand the ground-floor basics of Ruby – an object-oriented programming language. You can also use Ruby to develop web applications with the help of the Rails framework.

As a student, you can build graphical interfaces via Shoes toolkit, and then share your programs with others by logging into the Hackety Hack app.


As a student, this app is going to function as your online learning lab. It is a browser-based app, especially meant for students who have a tendency of learning at their own pace. There are 15 programming technologies available for you to learn from in this app. You can use it individually or in combination to create web-apps, mobile apps, media apps and more.

Conclusion: Currently IT sectors are looking for means to launch products that are more vocal. Right from the HIPAA compliant health skill kit of Alexa to its other voice-enabled car apps, Amazon has shown us a way to explore the world of voice apps and opened up a path to explore and walk-on to come with fresh innovative techniques.

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