3 tips to get hired by companies amidst Covid-19 pandemic

Corona virus has suddenly made the Earth come to a standstill. While many countries are under lockdown, some are slowly healing and trying to get back to the way they were before. This has impacted the entire world economy and getting a job in this market has become extremely difficult. Earlier, in 2008 during the financial crisis, companies were not hiring at all, however, situations are better now. Except for the few industries like hospitality, tourism and others, most of the sectors like Logistics, health, medicine, retailers and others are booming and actively looking to hire graduates. Though economists are predicting recession yet career experts are hopeful and suggest to keep the networking and applying on.

Here are few tips to grab a job in these tough times –

Take advantage of the extra time and organise yourself –

It’s time to update your Resume, LinkedIn profile and other professional handles. Remove anything that doesn’t appeal to a potential employer. Learn new languages, enrol in courses and get certified on multiple skills to make your CV stand out amidst the crowd.

Focus on sectors that are employing –

Apart from some industries that have been hit hard by this pandemic, other sectors are hiring. Moreover, many companies are hiring customer service executives, healthcare workers, warehouse managers, accountants, etc. and they are in demand. Search for such companies, get familiar with their job positions, mission and goals and if they align with yours then apply instantly.

Make a striking first impression –

If you successfully land an interview then it is time to present the best first impression. At a time when physical distancing is must, a well-executed video interview will help you to get a job. It is important to present yourself in the virtual interview like the way you would have presented yourself in a face to face interview.

Though times are harder than usual but don’t lose hope as companies are still hiring and the situation will move towards betterment once this Corona virus pandemic is over. Stay focused and keep applying.

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