Why sports and Games Should Be Given Equal Weightage as Academics?

Sports and Games had taken backseat, with rising competition in academics and career; educational institutes assign equal weightage to sports, games, and academics. This new approach is a paradigm shift, will these decisions be impactful enough to introduce new career options.

Why games should receive equal weightage?

Sports and games are great teachers that teach without any prejudice and bring rejoice to life.
Simplest things like food, décor, vehicles, mobiles, and other belongings in possession are result of your choice if they give you pleasure, it is time for us to be open minded in selecting our careers. People often do things for their complete lives and towards end; they realize this was not their inclination at all.
Preferences may differ but the ignorance on benefits of sports may impact the decisions of students and parents.

Benefits of Games/ Sports

Health Benefit

Active mind and body, proper blood circulation, oxygen supply, flexibility, decision making, stress reliever and overall fitness. Selecting sports as career or a hobby is a choice you make but the health benefits from sports allocate them great importance in our busy lives.

Immense Satisfaction

Sports gives opportunities to train hard yet accept the win or lose. Incomparable joy which money cannot buy, sportsmen can experience it.

Learning’s from Sports

Play within rules, game for the sake of game, builds confidence, accepting challenges, going beyond barriers, willingness to perform better and keep improving, disciplined life, leadership and co-operation, eliminate preconceptions, winners never quit.


Sachin Tendulkar the cricket hero, an inspiration to all for his contribution to the sport and is a valuable asset for country as well as aspiring cricketers. Chance to live an inspirational life is outcome of right decisions at right time.

Systematic Growth Plan of your life and its components may consist of any stream, field, or occupation. Ultimately, your choices will reward accordingly.
If this world had only Engineers and no doctors or sportsmen, do you think we would be happier?

Appealing facts of new era careers are that youth is innovative and experimental.

Thus, new careers can be challenging yet trendsetting. Sports have gained prestige and monetary support that encourages youth to choose the field of choice. Wider choice like being a player, mentor, sports trainer, and consultant; offered by sports hence the selection and growth if defined directionally can give positive results.

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