Practical applications of Technology in day-to-day life

Technology has invaded almost every facet of human life and business functions. As the world surges ahead, technology will undergo changes from time to time, what is working today might become irrelevant tomorrow.

The invent of technology has transformed human lives enhancing their quality of life in many ways such as

Technology in Business

Technology is used on a wide scale by businesses to analyze and solve day-to-day life problems. Digital marketing, machine learning, cloud computing, internet of things, robots, and artificial intelligence are all playing key role in this innovation and problem-solving methods. It has become an interactive tool for online surveys, product surveys and product launches that give useful insights into present and prospective users of technology products and services.

The bottom-line approach for a business enterprise is to build affordable, environment and customer-friendly solutions and this where technology fits the bill.

For instance, a majority of business enterprises benefit from the application of technology through using biometric or time attendance systems, businesses are able to precisely monitor employees’ arrival and departure times.

Technology in Communication

Technology in today’s life has simplified the power of communication. With the introduction of communication tools such video conference, email, and text messaging services (WhatsApp, for instance) have enhanced business communication in a big way.

GPS tracking mobile apps, social interaction sites are the new means of communication for the benefit of mankind.

Technology in Colleges and Schools

Technology has made a huge difference to the education world. Teaching and learning environment has witnessed new paradigms. For instance, Robotics, IoT, Artificial Learning, 3D Printing, Big Data are all wide forms of technological tools that are adopted to enhance an engineering student’s learning potential.

Technology in enhancing student’s learning

With the arrival of mobile apps and technology gadgets, it has become enjoyable experience for students to learn. In current times, a student has a quick access to a host of educational material via mobile apps on an iPad or any smartphone.

Technology in conducting Educational Conferences

Technology connects top education experts, major learning institutions through conducting educational conferences. It plays important role in meeting the educational needs and career objectives of students and institutions. Technology innovation in learning encourages educators to collectively work towards the objective of impacting the future of education.

Applying Technology in purchasing

Technology has paved way for the introduction of payment systems. Customers can comfortably buy and sell goods and services online without any need to step out from their homes.

Conclusion: Given the way technology has enriched our lives and how it unfolded huge technological inventions of today, it is hard to visualize the world without technology. The very thought of spending a complete day without a mobile phone sums up the essence of technology.

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