How can I prepare myself during placement time?

This is the something every student worries about. Well, with the Campus Placement season starting, all college students in their Final years are gearing up to land their first jobs out of campus. However, just like all other things in a career life, you need to prepare yourself, along with an “Action Plan” for your approach, so you can land the perfect first job!

This placements season is going to be a bit tougher than the previous seasons given the current economic situations and the general slow-down in hiring. Only the best will have the chance at grabbing the jobs and that implies, the ones who start preparing earlier will be ahead of the competition.

So, here are some points worth remembering while you prepare your action plan:

  • Build Your Skills Showcase Portfolio

    When there are thousands of other engineering students preparing for the same job, your probability of getting selected are going to go down. How does one stand out from the competition? Well, the solution is straightforward – “Do something others aren’t doing”. Let’s say, add one thing to your resume that shows that you are doing something more like, research or a practical project.

  • Develop Good Technical Knowledge of Your Subject

    Interviewers ask you for your favourite engineering subject so as to make their job easier. You should really be very well prepared to handle this question. Once you tell the interviewers your favourite topic, be ready to expect a couple of questions concerning it. It’s natural that you should be ready to answer questions on your favourite engineering subject or topic. If you haven’t already determined, it might be worth going back to all the topics and decide the one that you found the most fascinating.

  • Aptitude Tests

    This is where the primary eliminations will begin – the aptitude tests. Every engineering student fears the aptitude tests. However, the fact is that there is nothing to worry, because it’s “NOT DIFFCULT” to crack aptitude tests. All it takes is practice! Yep! You read that right. Simply continue practicing and in a month or two – you’ll solve all the aptitude queries like a professional. Do not expect to master the aptitude skills in barely a week or two. At least 1.52 months is the minimum needed time.

  • Written & Spoken English

    Like it or not; but Indian job market demands those who can speak and write correct English. Unfortunately, only a few individuals pay attention to their communication skills. If you think that you need to sharpen your English speaking / writing skills; then now is the time to do it. Learning spoken English is going to help you in your entire career. Trust me, plenty of individuals get rejected because they cannot communicate or express themselves effectively.

  • Interview (Technical)

    If you have good knowledge of your engineering subjects, then cracking the technical interview won’t be a problem. Of course, pay attention to your scores, many companies have certain GPA cut-offs. Aim for a GPA of at least 7.5.

  • Interview (HR)

    If you think that that clearing aptitude and technical rounds ensures that you are selected, then wait a second – many times, overconfident candidates get rejected in HR interviews – something that should not happen to you. Therefore, take the HR interviews seriously, but that does not mean you ought to have a serious expression on your face. All you are expected in an HR interview is to be yourself, have a smiling face, do not be over confident. Do not overdo anything!

  • Industry Application (Market Relevance)

    This is certainly another value addition for you, which not only helps you accelerate your chances in employment, but also takes you long way in your successful career. Always stay market relevant in your respective discipline and specialization. Ensure you are aware of the latest technology know-how, where the industry in heading and how your academic subject/lab exercises apply in real-life business. This builds an additional confidence in you and also, ones intending to hire you!

We at Annamacharya Institute of Technology & Sciences, provide proper guidance along with complete aptitude and technical knowledge to our students, for ensuring their better future.

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