How much Digital savvy should today’s Engineers be?

How much Digital savvy should today’s Engineers be?

Digital world is worth exploring as Engineers can benefit from the latest innovations and updates that set latest trends and impact the lives of general public with use of Engineering.

An Engineer needs to have knowledge of applying the theory learnt into practice. The application of academic know-how to solve industry problems is where the emerging countries today have biggest gap. This gap can be filled by research and development.

Informatory Digital World

Being digitally active can help you collect information and observe the changes, developments and innovations in the world of Engineering.

  1. Engineering based products and services are in demand and the requirements have changed with the changing times.
  2. The lifestyle and industrialization has grown at an eye widening pace.
  3. The business, workforce and customers are in force digitally and the Engineers who are serving in any industry will have to stay trendy enough to meet the industry needs.

Digital technology combines engineering data and the art of design. It is the process of integrating data about a service or product into a world of digital imagery attracting the prospects and investors together.

Digitalization is influencing the engineers to improve the infrastructure, design and development of product, supply chain, production, manufacturing process etc.

  1. Innovating Digitally: The shift aided by technology, internet and global connectivity has changed the way we innovate. The automation of products and processes has increased the production speed and capacity, maintaining the quality and reducing the delivery hassles.
  2. Work Culture: Digitalization has impacted the work allocation, performance analysis by tracking and rating, improved employees/workers productivity and provided better work culture by eliminating the micro managing of managers /supervisors.
  3. Eased Management: Asset Management, Knowledge Management & Sharing, Process Implementation and Evaluation, all have been simplified due to the software’s and apps available in this digital world.
  4. Value Chain: The integration of business and digital technology has created value for clients, employees, business houses and the society. Digital tools enhance the abilities of planning, execution, risk mitigation, customer acquisition, customer service and networking business relations with reduced complexities.
  5. Speed at Fingertips: Engineering is complex when it comes to the product, plant or project lifecycles through all stages of conceptualization, development, execution and operational. These time and money consuming processes have advanced with digital real time tracking which is boon for industries.
  6. Increased Return on Investments: Meeting customers and investors expectations is easier due to clarity provided by digitalization and increased predictability and viability resulting in higher ROI.

The virtual control is revolutionizing Engineering; the paradigm shift in addressing the possibilities of innovation in products, services and better customer experiences is unimaginable.

Digital technology is applied in various domains/industries also based on various branches of Engineering like IT, Construction, Manufacturing Goods etc.. Eg. Now in IT the assets are not just physical but digital too ie. the data, the interactions with customers or even internal business processes.

Digitalization is empowering the customers and encouraging businesses to be more transparent with their vendors and customers. Eg. Software companies have now shifted their mindset from building software’s to making customized software’s.

Being digital savvy will empower you to innovate and create great future, be involved in the inventions of world and develop the technical and digital talent for increased understanding and being up to date.

Hence remaining digitally savvy is equally important, both for those who are seeking career opportunities in industries; and also, those on entrepreneurship path.

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