What to plan after Engineering?

To begin with, once the engineering days are over, one question that concerns every student is what next? It wouldn’t be wrong to say that engineering in itself gets so time consuming that there is not much time left for them to ponder on their future studies.

With the approaching end of a final semester of engineering students, most final year students face the most typical and much awaited question from friends, family and relatives. The question is what will you do after your engineering studies are over?

After undergoing the uphill task of entrance JEE and other engineering examinations, the students are yet again placed on a new crossroad. The crossroad where they remain confused yet again just like their fresher days.

Indeed, each student has different plans and since every individual is different and has varied aspirations, goals and vision in life. Obviously, the option of higher studies is most common and so any option to pursue higher studies must be planned accordingly.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that there will be a time after your engineering studies, when you will have to decide whether M.B.A or M.Tech is best? This means the same question as in where you want to be in the coming three four years after getting your B. Tech degree.

Options that are available after engineering studies are many and students just need to think clearly. Since the options and choices are many, there is bound to occur confusion and chaos. You can always seek help from numerous career counsellors and finding a good career counsellor shouldn’t be difficult.

The most viable options are in sectors like finance, marketing, management. Some can also go for applying various internships where they can get stipends.

Also, taking part in extra- curricular activities of a college, joining an NGO and also by working on a side project, while still in college. Joining these projects especially in your final year always help you secure a job, while still in college.

Given the job scenario, this job offer gives a great peace of mind and relief to final year students who are already under the pressure of clearing exam with good marks.

Given the rising demand of M.B.A among engineering students because of lucrative jobs, more and more engineering graduates are keen to pursue a business degree for a slight shift in the career.

The entire four year of engineering studies is no doubt time consuming but at the end of the day, it is under graduate studies. Since a master’s degree holds more value than any under graduate degree, it will be a good idea to start planning for an M.B.A to hone your management skills.

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